Will the Juice Come Straight to My Door?

Element Vape

Will the Juice Come Straight to My Door?

The Element Vape is an easy and discrete solution to enjoy premium, quality e-juices at affordable prices. If there is a question you will need answered, just check out the help center for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) or submit a request online. The web site is easy to navigate and contains an extensive FAQ section to answer your every e-liquid question. If there’s something you do not understand, please email or call the client service team. They’re more than willing to help!

It seems as though almost everyone has a question concerning their Element Vapor products. From what flavor to select, how to use them, to which type of atomizer they are the most comfortable to Vape Pen use–element vapers have it all! As a result, lots of people leave their queries on the helpful FAQ page of the site, even though many others leave them on the web page. I’ve read a few reviews of the Element Vape and each one was very complimentary of the merchandise. In the following paragraphs, I’ll briefly go over some of the more popular questions concerning the Element Vape and answer them for you personally.

How old may be the product? In line with the internet help page, the business touts that the Element Vape is for ages six years and up. In line with the youth prevention e-zine, however, it’s recommended that younger children and teens use the youth prevention version. Either way, please be aware that neither version would work for children under 12 years.

What is the adult signature? The adult signature program is voluntary and can be acquired for anyone who would like to sign up for the service. According to the Element Vape help page, the adult signature is “designed to greatly appreciate and protect adult consumers from underage purchasing of the product”.

Does the element Vaporizer do other things besides make your juice simpler to drink? The electronic button privately of the machine turns on a light that begins to flash. If you press the button again, the screen goes white and lets you know what the energy level is. The feature was created to encourage customers to utilize the merchandise while being safe. Personally, i like the idea behind the adult identification system, as it definitely discourage underage drinking and encourages parents to monitor the activities of their children.

Will there be a person service hotline? Yes, the client service hotline exists. This phone number comes in several languages, including English. Assuming you have any other questions concerning the product or the ordering process, you can call the hotline to get assistance.

Just how many reward points can I earn with the element vaporizer? The maximum number of reward points that you may earn depends on the item and your purchase. Most products will earn between one and ten reward points. To earn more points, you really should purchase other items with exactly the same manufacturer. Each time you refer a person to the Element Vape Company, you earn two reward points.

Is customer service available from the web site? Yes, the customer service number is listed on the house page. You can contact the company by phone or email for those who have any other questions. Please note there are no email addresses listed for customer support purposes. If you need additional information, please note that the web site is operated as a portal and all orders are processed through the web site.

Will there be a grown-up signature sticker on the bottom of each pack? The adult signature sticker is located on the bottom of every pack of Element Vape. If you would like your friends and customers located inside a 15 mile radius to join up for the newsletter, the adult signature sticker ought to be placed on the package. This way, whenever your customers see this sticker, they will know to follow the link located on the bottom of your webpage. Registering for our newsletter will not set you back anything, so encourage your customers to do so!

MAY I order my Element VW juice online using my google drive account? Yes, you can! It is possible to place your order using your google drive account. To get this done, log into your google drive account and scroll right down to “orders.”

Is there an option to pay by direct payment or through our shopping cart? Currently, we are struggling to ship any flavor of juices, aside from the original carrot. If you would prefer not to purchase your juice in the drive-through, it is simple to order it this way. Simply click on “shop” on top of the left-hand navigation bar. Once you have chosen a product, it is possible to review all of the options available to you, like the adult signature sticker.